Friday, 7 August 2015

Italy 2015

I am the worst blogger as I haven't uploaded in ages:( but however I have just come back from my holiday to Italy, where I have been for two weeks. Although I am back now (and better than ever) with a vlog/ video diary I filmed whilst being out there. Sorry for the lack of footage some days as all we did was sunbathe and go swimming, so there wasn't much to film but I tried my hardest, with this being my first ever video. Whilst being in Italy I did film more than this however even though I filmed all videos landscape a few came out portrait on iMovie :( I also want to apologise for the editing of this video, like I said it's the first one I have ever filmed and edited so well see if you all like it and if so I may do another one of my holiday to the Isle of White!

Please leave any suggestions for improvements as I would love to progress throughout making these videos :)

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