Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Seven Month Break?

It's been nearly seven months since my last blog post and for that I can only apologise, however I haven't been sitting around, instead I have been extremely busy with events such as my GCSE's, National gymnastics grades, revision and work.

If you are wondering how everything went, the answer is amazing. I passed my National grade, became a coach to my own little army of four year old gymnasts and am now waiting for my GCSE results. I can only hope that my mass amount of revision pays off.

I also felt that a break would help me regain my creativity and figure out where I wanted to go with this blog, which is exactly what has happened. From this post onwards I am going to be posting more makeup and fashion post and step away from the lifestyle posts. Along with attempting to post weekly during my 13 week break.

My next step is to try and attempt youtube. As you are reading this post I will probably be trying to edit and put together my very first video. I'm not going to promise anything but I am determined to give it a try.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Travels: London 27.11.15

On friday, my auntie and me took a trip to central London for the day. We got on a train at 8:20 and arrived around an hour later. At St. Pancras station I grabbed a lil breakfast before we took a bus to the Tate Modern. Looking around the many floors of the Tate, I captured various photos of the artworks, ranging from sculptures to paintings. One of my favourite sculptures was a car engine which had been covered in a chemical making blue crystals grow on the surface, it looked so unique. After spending a few hours in the gallery; we took a bus to Covent Gardens where we looked round the shops and admired the christmas decorations. My auntie spotted a macaroon shop called Laduree, and treated me to a box of six. The box was baby pink with such intricate designing! Afterwards we continued browsing at the shops, stopping in Michael Kors, MAC and Calvin Klein. For Lunch we found a restaurant  called Maxwell's, we both had a salad with squid rings and for dessert I had a red velvet milkshake, which was both delicious yet filling! As we were walking around Covent Garden we passed Muji and I couldn't stop myself from purchasing a new acrylic draw set for my makeup. Next we grabbed a cab to Victoria Secret, I was so excited to go to this shop as I adore and watch the fashion show every season! As soon as I went in there were masses of girls everywhere, diamantes everywhere and pink was the only colour in sight; I walked around the three layers of heaven, deciding what to purchase. In the end I settled for three sprays and an angel hoodie (which are all  christmas presents from my auntie, thank you!!!). Next we headed along Oxford street stopping and browsing in Topshop and Urban outfitters. We took a bus back to St Pancras station to grab something to eat and wait for our train. At the station they have pianos which people can play and one man was playing so beautifully I could've sat there all day listened to him. We grabbed some food from the same place as the morning and then we waited for our train. I had such a great day and I was absolutely exhausted afterwards. Thank you Auntie Karen for treating me :)

Sunday, 1 November 2015


I have been so busy this half term revising that I haven't found the time to sit down and create a blog post on my favourite halloween makeup looks; however I am now going to show you some photos from a halloween party I hosted yesterday! I dressed up as a dead Alice from the book/film Alice in Wonderland. I brought my dress from Wilkos and wore a pair of River Island heels. I also purchased a pair of white contacts from the online company Beautifeye. They have some beautiful contacts ranging from one day wear to 90 days wear.


Hope you all had a spooky halloween! 
PS. sorry for the bad quality photos, that's snapchat for you