Thursday, 13 August 2015

Long Car Journeys- Essentials

Summertime is when most people go on holiday, and I have seen a lot of 'What to bring in your carry on bag' blog posts/ youtube videos; but what if you are going to be in the car for a long time or maybe instead of flying on a plane you're going on a boat? Well that's where I come in with this blog post: long car journey essentials. 

1. Bag- We all need a bag we can put are items into; mine is my Michael Kors bag I brought when in Italy.

2. Purse-  It is always handy to have your purse in your bag just incase you stop of at a coffee shop or even just so you know it is in a safe place. 

3. Earphones- I don't think I can go anywhere without my earphones, let alone a long car journey! 

4. Hair ties/ pins- Just incase you need to redo or tie up your hair. Putting them into a small clear pouch keeps them all together and you can see how many you have. 

5. DSi XL- Bringing a game in the car is really useful as it passes time and who doesn't love digging out their old DS and returning to the Nintendogs we all abandoned in 2007? 

6. Gameboy Advance- Because I need another console?! I love playing my gameboy and plan to buy another one next month! 

7. PowerBank portable charger- It is always handy to have a portable charger in your bag incase your phone needs battery. 

8. A Book- Now this depends on whether you get travel sickness, however (if you're like me) you don't get it then it is always good to have a book to pass time. 



  • A Snack- I usually bring a cereal bar or some fruit incase I get hungry and a shop isn't nearby.
  • A Drink- Always handy to keep you from being dehydrated, I prefer to bring water.
  • Jumper- This is great to put over you if you want to go to sleep, rest your head on or to wear if it's a bit cold. 
  • Phone- I was using my phone to take the photos but of course I would bring my phone to listen to music and to keep me occupied. 

What else do you bring on long car journeys? 

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