Monday, 4 May 2015

Spring Makeup Essentials

My top makeup essentials for spring are all very light product so when you're outside in the sun your face will not feel sticky and heavy. All but one product are high street and can be purchased from your local boots or superdrug. 

1. EOS lipbalm in mint- My friend actually got this for from the USA but I have seen these in Topshop often. I highly recommend this product as it moisturizes your lips well and is a convenient size to pop into a sized bag. 

2. MAC blusher in blushbaby- This has got to be my all time favourite blush. It gives you a subtle hint of pink across the apples of your cheeks and is suitable for any occasion. 

3. MUA undress your skin highlighter-  I love this highlighter because it makes your skin look brighter, perfect for that dewy spring look! 

4. Bourjois healthy mix serum in No2 Vanille- This product has got to be my favourite foundation at the moment, it applies quite lightly and also smells divine! It's not as heavy as other foundations so it's relatively good for your skin as well. 

What are your spring makeup essentials?

1 comment:

  1. I've been wanting to purchase the Healthy Mix Serum foundation for ages,I might have to now! & that MUA highlighter looks so nice :)