Thursday, 9 April 2015

Day Trip To Great Yarmouth

Yesterday me and my family decided to take a day trip to Great Yarmouth, one of my favourite places in the UK! We had to wake up super early to leave the house at 8am as it took us two hours to get there. On the way I read some more of Plague by Michael Grant, which is an amazing book series btw!

When we finally reached Great Yarmouth, we parked the car and walked along the promenade. My mum and I went to get everyone fresh donuts which tasted super yummy! Then my little brother wanted to play mini golf seeing as we always do that when here. It was quite fun actually and I came second out of our family :) It was then around lunchtime so we walked down to a restaurant called the Hinchinbrook, we had eaten here before and decided to eat here again as they do really yummy food. I had chicken bites, chips and salad, which was quite filling and really tasty.

Once we had all finished our meal we headed off out and walked along all the arcades. The arcades are my favourite thing about Yarmouth, I could spend all day in them! We found our favourite one, Leisureland, and went inside. Inside the grabbing machines they had cuddly toys such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I actually won Leonardo), Despicable Me characters, Peppa Pig character (my mum won one for my little brother) and Adventure Times Finn and Jake (my brother won Finn). We also played some of the games in which you win tickets to exchange for prizes, one of my favourites things about this arcade! In total I probably won around 350 tickets so I exchanged them for a portable charger which is pretty cool. We spent around two and a half hours in there so when we had finally spent all our money we walked towards the pier. Walking along the pier, I took some photos of the beach and the sea which I have included below. We then went into another arcade that was on the pier but only to have a quick look and go on some of the 2p machines.

Next we started to walk towards the car stopping off to buy each of us an ice cream, I had a toffee one and it was yummy! We then went back to the car and started to head back home :(( On the way home I proceeded to read my book and listen to music. We also stopped off for Mcdonalds and I had chicken nuggets, because they are the best!

I had such a great day and as the weather was sunny it made things even better!! Here are some photos I took throughout the day-

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