Saturday, 6 September 2014

France & Great Yarmouth 2014

France 2014- 

 Cute house I saw on a walk to one of the beaches we went too
                                    One of the beaches with really big, pretty houses overlooking
My dads dinner he had at one of the restaurants near the sea
 My ever so tasty macaroons I brought in Vannes

 Beautiful sunsets over the sea
 Coming back on the boat, it was really rocky! 

Great Yarmouth 2014
 Cute fairy house at BeWilderwood
 My mum won me this unicorn (from Despicable Me) at one of the arcades!! :)  
 What my mum won me! The minion is actually my brothers, teehee :)   
 One of the mini golf holes at Pleasure Beach :) Yes that is a plastic monkey sat in the middle! ;)
The start of Merrivale Model Village, it was so cute and really detailed! 

Sorry for the heavy photoed (is that even a word?!) post but I thought I'd share with you a few from my two recent holidays :) 
p.s back to school next week :(( 

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