Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Travel Essentials

Early this morning I came back from my two week (no wifi) holiday to France, then the week before that I had come back from Disneyland Paris! And next week off to Great Yarmouth, so I have been travelling a lot quite recently and therefore needed to have a travel bag for those dreaded long journeys that we all suffer just to get to are holiday destination. I carry more stuff than this in my bag but these are the main things I simply can't go with out...

1. Antibacterial Gel- Nobody likes dirty service station toilets
2. Notebook- Those endless journeys are mostly spent doodling.
3. Tic Tacs- A fresh breath is a must
4. Earphones- Listening to music obviously!
5. Book- I actually read this while I was in France and have the second one to read in Great Yarmouth :) More details about it, coming soon.
6. Iphone- because who can go anywhere with out there phone?!
7. Passport- You can't travel to different countries if you don't have one of these, legally that is.
8. Pen- to help me doodle :)

What are your travel essentials? 

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