Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BTS: What's in my school bag?

It's school tomorrow :( and that means having to lug around your books all day (unless you have a locker) but carrying them can get tiring and leave your arm feeling dead; so my tip is to carry all your most needed essentials-

My school bag is Michael Kors and it's so easy to use as it has many pockets and sections to organise your things. It also has a strap that can clip onto the sides so you can carry the bag on your shoulder. I also bring my Michael Kors purse to keep all my cards and money in one place. 

Inside my bag I have my sleek black folder with plastic wallets and 10 dividers so all my subjects are organised and separated, yay! Next I have my Pukka Pad notebook in black and pink (a running theme for my school supplies this year). For the days I have maths class, in my bag I carry the Helix Oxford set of mathematical instruments (a maths set), this is just an essential if you take maths. Also in my bag I carry my glasses as I have trouble seeing the board (shoutout to all the short sighted people). 

In my Barry M pencil case (from the clothes show 2014) is all my stationery; things such as a Casio calculator, Oxford foldable ruler, Staedtler set of four highlighters, BIC cristal grip biro pens in black, BIC mechanical pencils, Milan capsule rubber and sharpener duo, Tipp-Ex mini pocket mouse and Blu Tack blu stick. 

Finally in the little side pockets of my bag I have my makeup and beauty essentials I need many times throughout the day; Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer is a must as it hides imperfections in case a random spot appears mid-class. This product is one I purchase over and over again and it is lightweight and doesn't feel/look heavy on your skin. A beauty blender to blend my concealer in to get rid of those awkward makeup lines. Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue lip balm to keep your lips looking luscious and healthy. No7 Intense Volume mascara because we all have those days when either you forget your mascara or you just want to make your eyes pop! Soap & Glory hand maid hand sanitizer, because school is full of germs and you don't want to get sick. Lastly I like to have a mini clear zipped wallet to keep all my hairbands and hair pins in one place so they're easy to find and won't go missing as easily. 

I also carry my phone, keys and chewing gum which weren't included in any photos :(

What are your school bag essentials?

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