Sunday, 9 February 2014

Soap & Glory review

Hello again,
Today I am going to review some of my soap & glory products that are on the go...

I really love all of their products & their quirky names there given. Lets begin;

1. Foam call shower & bath body wash- This product is ahh-mazing, I used it this morning & the shower started to smell all fruity & fresh because of it The packaging is really easy as it is suitable for holidays or simply sitting on your shower floor, to top it off it's a money friendly price of £6 . 50.

2. Butter yourself moisture lotion- I have used this product everyday since I bought it two weeks ago, & my legs seem a lot smoother I also love how this product doesn't leave your legs sticky &/or greasy afterwards :) This goes hand in hand with the foam call wash, a perfect match. Although this one is slightly more in price at £10 . 50, however you can see from the picture that I have hardly made a dent in it. A definite recommendation :)

3. The daily smooth body butter-  I've had this for quite a while so its coming to an end :( but in my time of using it I can officially say I will be restocking. This product is also a little more money at £9 .00,  although its worth it, trust me, a little goes a long way.

4. Hand maid hand cleansing gel- I LOVE THIS PRODUCT, my favorite by far :) I literally carry this everywhere; from my schoolbag, hand bag & even my gymnastics bag. I defiantly recommend this product, especially for germ phobias like myself. It also smells really lovely, a nice fruity smell. But guess what, its only £2 . 50 :)

So there you go, my thoughts on my on-going Soap & Glory products. Please leave in the comments what other S&G products I should try out. Thanks
xoxo Jasmine

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