Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Everyday Makeup products

Today's post is all about my daily makeup products and what I think of them....

These are my daily makeup products. Here they are in a little bit more depth....

Maybelline Great lash 'very black' mascara- I tend to use this mascara as a base because it's not too thick and it makes my lashes look longer. I love this mascara and it's a definite go-to.

Max factor eye brightening for blue eyes mascara- This mascara is amazing, it includes light reflecting particles for your eye type; in my case, blue. This makes your eyes shine when light is shone onto them. If I am using three mascaras, I always use this last so that I definitely get the particles to reflect more.

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB cream- I absolutely recommend this product! This is great for a light coverage, yet it still hides your imperfections :) Even though this comes in a small tube, it still goes a long way, perfect for popping into your makeup bag.

Calvin Klein eye shadow in moonstone 102- As you can see from the appearing circle in the middle, I pretty much use this everyday. It's such a perfect shade of nude beige.  When I apply it I put it in the corners of my eyes, just under my waterline and also my brow bone. These all help to make my eyes look more awake in the morning.

So there you go, my everyday makeup products. Enjoy :)
xoxo Jasmine

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  1. Such an easy make up routine!! Love the products you use!! The Great Lash Mascara was the first ever mascara I bought!! :-) xx