Friday, 20 February 2015

How To: Revision Techniques

Some of you may have exams coming up or are in the middle of exams, whatever stage you're at it's important to have a series of techniques to help boost your revision even more. Here are some of my own-

1. Highlighting- This is great when reading a piece of information as you make the most important words and quotes noticeable, so when/if you have to write about that text, you won't have forgotten key points.

2. A3 Sheets- I found that this techniques is really good for maths and science revision. On each A3 page write the topics you have chosen, and then note down the methods, information, examples and a few questions you have tried. Once you have completed an A3 sheet with enough information for your liking, find a blank space on a wall in your bedroom and stick it up. Every time you complete a sheet, stick it up with your others notes.

3. Index Markers- These are great for organizing your textbooks and/or your revision guides. I find writing the topic on the top of them really helps you to find them quickly. You could also colour code them for example, for my history revision guide each colour represents a section of the book. The orange ones are the main events in Weimar Germany and the pink ones are work sheets and practice questions.

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